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Do You Want Your Own Mega Profit Generating Website “Just Like This One” For Your Business?

Fairs Festivals Events Web Design

If you want a POWERFUL website that promotes ANY business you are working PLUS generates a steady income from related affiliate programs… YOU ARE LOOKING AT IT RIGHT NOW.

We will custom design a website –  like this one – BUT built around your business theme. We will build in several affiliate programs – related to your business theme – allowing you to make money through your business model from all kinds of different directions. Once your website is built we will market your website using all the social networking sites, name brand directories and paid advertising platforms found on the internet – such as Google Adwords.

You virtually need to do nothing other than focus on running your business. We will be the marketing arm of your business by building a website that works for you 24/7 generating paying customers while you sleep or on vacation and enjoying life without the stress of trying to do the marketing yourself.

Your website will NOT be the typical cookie cutter website that other web designers offer. We will build your website to be a place where guests and customers  want to visit every day. Think of your website as a “Virtual Interacting Community” where guests are excited to visit often to stay abreast of YOUR business theme.

Fairs Festivals Events LOOK_1Take a close LOOK at this website and you will find several PROFIT CENTERS that surround our business theme for Fairs Festivals & Events. This website is actually a DIRECTORY theme based platform allowing us to market our business core while at the same time generating income from several affiliate related programs.

We are going to build YOUR website to do the same. When a guest visits “YOUR DIRECTORY” they will take a virtual tour of YOUR business theme. They become directly involved with your business or venture out into a variety of related PROFIT CENTERS we will build into your directory.

Let’s take a TOUR of this directory and explain how we will build YOUR directory around your business theme – whatever business you are working…   

The Header

Fairs Festivals Events Header_1

Starting at the HEADER – where your LOGO ( we will design your logo for you if you wish) will show to the left – you will see to the right a BANNER. We will custom build a banner for YOUR business or a paying advertiser. This banner can be programmed to redirect those guests who click on it to your directory, to another page in your directory or the paying advertiser’s website.   

The Menus

Fairs Festivals Events Menu_1

Moving down you will see several MENU tabs. We will custom design MENU PAGES around your business theme.

Fairs Festivals Events Newsletter_1Lead Capture Autoresponder System

One of the menu tabs offers a NEWSLETTER. By clicking on that tab you will be redirected to a page in the directory where the guest can subscribe to the newsletter. We will custom build a Lead Capture Autoresponder system like our’s for you in YOUR directory. We will build this lead capture system around your business theme specifications – designing ALL the follow-up email messages and newsletters.


Fairs Festivals Events Facebook GroupFACEBOOK DISCUSSION GROUP

By clicking on this tab you will be redirected to a Facebook Group that offers a discussion platform for OUR related business model. We will build you a Facebook Group for YOUR business theme and program a MENU TAB to redirect to YOUR Facebook Group.   Click Here to check out our Facebook Group!


Fairs Festivals Events Add Listing_1ADD LISTING

To the far right on the menu tab, you will see a ADD LISTING tab. Those guests who visit your directory can add their business listing at NO CHARGE. By doing so you are building a list of “Like-Minded People” for your business model. This free directory listing concept offers you additional streams of income when that FREE member upgrades to premium, feature or enhanced listing.


In the CENTER – just below the Menu Tabs – you will see a BANNER. You can use this banner yourself ( we will design it for you) or sell it to an advertiser. Click Here to see the message those who are interested in advertising in your directory will see. We manage this process for YOU by programming the payment from the advertiser to come directly to you. We will design the banner and program it accordingly. In other words all you need to do is focus on running your business and make money on autopilot from your directory platform.  

Featured Listing

Moving down on the left you will see a category called Featured Listing. You will see OUR listing “ Gas Fryer & Warmer Repair, Clean, Buy & Sell, Phoenix”. As you have probably figured out by now that is ONE of several of our business models. YES… we will make sure YOU have a Feature Listing on the left side bar showcasing YOUR business. Those business listings that are showing our Feature Listing below our’s are PAYING advertisers. WOW – you will be getting paid to advertise YOUR business.

Fairs Festivals Events The Slider_1The Slider

Click on our LOGO “Fairs Festivals & Events”. You will see a SLIDER rotating several images. We will custom design 3 to 4 images for YOUR business model. If you click on the images in those sliders you will be redirected to a page either in our directory or to Facebook. Per your instructions and your business theme we will design those images and build the pages to replicate the same.


Recent Posts

To the right you will find a column that has a category title named “Recent Posts”. These are blogs. Blogs are a very important part of your directory. Building several unique blogs every month – with the right keywords – is very important to generate traffic to your directory. When there are the proper keywords the blog has a great chance in showing in an ORGANIC SEARCH. Depending on the marketing package you choose we will build these blogs for you making sure they can be found in an organic search.

Fairs Festivals Events Cardboard Cutout_1A BLOG A DAY WILL KEEP THE BILL COLLECTOR AWAY

A Powerful Blogging Package.

Blogs posts generate free traffic from organic searches. The more unique blogs posts you have the more potential traffic your website/directory may receive.  We will build unique blog posts related to your business model embedded with keyword images and your affiliate program links in your website/directory daily. Depending on the the marketing package you purchase will depend on how many blog posts we will build for you each day.

Click Here to see the one of the hundred blog posts we have – when you land – look to the RIGHT and you will see “RECENT POSTS”. We post 3 to 5 unique blog posts a day with pictures and our affiliate programs – for our business – embedded in the posts.

These posts show up in an organic Google Search in about 48 to 72 hours after the post. Click Here for an example – when you scroll down – a couple listings – you should see OUR to listings!

Blogs can offer a fantastic profit potential as well the ability to generate traffic back to your directory. We try to profitize our blogs with affiliate programs. There are many affiliate programs that will pay YOU 5 – 10 – 50 even 75 percent.  Click Here and you will find one of our blogs. In this blog we have 4 affiliate programs where we make up-to 75% when guests decide to take action and buy. We have the proper keywords embedded into the blog where it will show in an organic search. CLICK HERE for example!    

Scroll down and you will see the Youtube Video which is at the top of the blog page. A little further down you will see the PINTEREST listing. YES we will custom design a video and setup a Pinterest account so YOUR business themed blog listings will show in an organic search like our’s do.

You just keep on doing what you do best => Focus On Managing Your Business – Let Us Do The Marketing!

Fairs Festival Events Facebook Videos_1Videos & A Facebook Page

In addition to the Facebook Group page we are going to build for you – we will build a Facebook page and load them with the custom videos recorded around your business theme. Click Here for an example of the Facebook page we have for our Fairs Festivals & Events page. Depending on the web design package you purchase we will build new videos on an ongoing basis placing them in your Facebook page that we also build for you.


Keyword Images & Videos

We will build your directory with a lot of images and videos. Your directory images and videos will have the proper keywords embedded so they show up on the images searches like our’s do… Click Here for example. When you scroll down you will see we own the entire organic page search. YES… we will make sure you dominate organic searches like this one with YOUR images and videos!

Fairs Festivals Events T-Shirts_1T-Shirts

Moving on down on the right hand column you will see an advertisement for t-shirts. We make 40% from the sale of these t-shirts. We will set you up as an affiliate for this company programming your payment info into their system. As an affiliate for this t-shirt company we will program the affiliate link into the right and/or left side column (just like the t-shirts you see in our directory). If you wish we can program a rotation display offering YOUR business related theme designed t-Shirts. Example – if you have a  political business model we can program politically related t-shirts… Click Here for example!  Click Here for pet dogs and cats! If your business is music related Click Here! I think you have the idea – just one more way you can PROFITIZE your directory.

Blog Categories
Moving on down the right side column you will see the title “Blog Categories”. We have talked about blogs in length so we willl keep it short and only explain… Each blog we build for you will be accessible in this area. As the weeks and months go by YOUR categories will fill with the blogs we build on your related business topics. Of course those blogs will start showing in organic searches. The more blogs the more potential free traffic will find their way to your directory.


Below the “Blog Categories” on the right side column you will see another advertising banner which you can use yourself or sell it to a paying advertiser.

Fairs Festivals Events Enhanced Listing Slider_1Enhanced Listing Slider Center Stage

Just below the “IMAGE SLIDER” is the “Enhanced Listing Slider”. This slider rotates the “Enhanced Listings” on the front page only. As with ALL the listing options you can place YOUR core business offer in this area PLUS sell enhanced listings to others.



Fairs Festivals Events Video Slider_1Video Slider Center Stage

Under the “Enhanced Listing Slider” you will find the “Video Listing Slider”. As we build “Showcase Videos” for you we will place those videos in this area. 


Listing Category Tabs

Moving on down – just under the “Video Listing Slider” – you will find the “Listing Categories”. Depending on YOUR business model – will depend on what we name these listing categories.


At the very bottom of the page just – above the FOOTER –  you will see another banner. We are advertising an affiliate program called “Build A Sign”. This is a Commission Junction business affiliate. As with ALL the other affiliate programs we are going to program into YOUR directory we will set-up these affiliate money making platforms for you to make sure you are paid directly into your PayPal Account, Bank Account or are mailed a check for deposit.  

Marketing SEO Package

WOW… You now have a Kick Ass website/directory. It’s ready to work for you 24/7 making money on autopilot. The Problem… NO TRAFFIC!

The question is why would someone pay hundreds even thousands of dollars for a custom designed website and NOT have a marketing plan to send traffic to that website? For some reason people think, just because they have a website, traffic will automatically find that website. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

Before we continue let’s get something straight… We will not build this website/directory for you unless we do the marketing for you also. This is not one of those cookie cutter FREEBIE websites you can find on the internet. If that is what you are looking for you need to stop right right now and keep on doing what you have been doing to build your business.

Those cheap or free websites are useless unless you have a REAL marketing plan to make them profitable… PLUS 98% do not offer the multiple streams of income and self generating lead systems that this website/directory offers you.  REMEMBER – You Get What You Pay For!

So with that understanding let’s talk about the monthly management marketing package that comes with your website/directory we are going to custom build for you. Of course there will be a one-time charge to build your website/directory and yes it will take a few weeks to finish – Hey it’s NOT one of those cookie cutter websites – it takes time to custom design around your business model.

The minimum monthly management marketing package is $300. If you feel you can not afford $300 per month then you can’t afford to have a website and an internet presence.

If you can justify $300 per month this is what we are going to do for you.

Fairs Festivals Events Manage Paid Listings_1Manage those new paid listings.

When those free members upgrade their listings to PAID status we will take care of all the details to make sure their listing has the proper keywords. For every listing – free or paid – those listings will show on a Google organic search. The more free and paid listings your directory has the better the chance someone will find them from a search. The more free and paid listings your directory has the more free traffic your directory will generate!

Yes – over a period of weeks and months you will have hundreds maybe thousands of organic listings showing and for that small monthly management fee we will make sure each and every listing is optimized to the max! You just keep on doing what you do best => Focus On Managing Your Business!

Manage those new paid banner advertisers.

It’s possible – over a period of time – your website/directory will pay for your monthly management fee with all of those paid listings and banner ads. That’s what is great about this directory platform – while using it to build your core business you can enjoy multiple streams of income from paid listings, banner ads and affiliate programs.

We will handle all those clients who pay for banner ads by selling, designing and placing the banners in your directory. Yes- we will personally work with that client making sure they are happy with their advertising on your directory. You just keep on doing what you do best => Focus On Managing Your Business!

Produce video(s) for YOU every month.

Videos embedded into your directory are very important. A proper keyword stand alone Youtube video shows in organic searches. When that video is placed inside your directory search engine spiders go crazy indexing that page or listing.

When we initially build your directory we will produce a handful of videos around your business theme. Each month thereafter we will produce one or more videos, depending on the marketing package you purchase. In addition to embedding those videos in your directory we will place them in your Facebook Page. Click Here for example!  

Manage your Google Adwords.

Fairs Festivals Events Google Adwords_1


Manage your pay-per-action campaigns.

Fairs Festivals Events CPA_1


fairs festivals Events Social Networking Sites_2Manage ALL of your Social Networking campaigns.

When we build your directory we will set-up the top social networking sites for you. Once a month we will post your website/directory to those TOP Social Networking Sites. You just keep on doing what you do best => Focus On Managing Your Business!



Build unique content blogs.

Blogs generate free traffic from organic searches. The more unique blogs you have the more potential traffic your directory may receive.  We will build unique blogs related to your business model embedded with keyword images and your affiliate program links. Depending on the the marketing package you purchase will depend on how many blogs we will build for you each month.

Manage ALL the Directory listing campaigns (optional).

Your business will be placed in 50 of the TOP internet directories.  Click Here for an example of what one of the 50 directory listings may look like! Click Here for another example!

Here are some of the directories we will place your business in…

Oodle, Back Page, Craigslist, Yahoo!, Bing, Foursquare, Yelp, WhitePages, SwitchBoard, 411, MapQuest, Superpages, DexKnows, Citysearch, Local.com, MerchantCircle, EZlocal, LocalDatabase, ShowMeLocal, Topix, CitySquares, LocalPages, LocalStack, Yellowise, YellowMoxie, GetFave, Tupalo, Avantar, AirYell, White & Yellow, Pages, Co-Pilot, Navmii, Where To?, ChamberofCommerce.com, USCity.net, YellowPageCity.com, AmericanTowns.com, 8coupons, eLocal, GoLocal247, YaSabe, CityMaps, YellowPagesGoesGreen, Pointcom, ABLocal, Opendi, VotefortheBest, 2findlocal, MyLocalServices, Credibility Review, Insider Pages, Yalwa, Brownbook.net, Soleo, Bizwiki.com, Allonesearch, The Internet Chamber of Commerce.

We will manage your business listing in all these directories making sure all the information is current. It would take you days even weeks to list your business in these directories and keep your information up-to-date. You just keep on doing what you do best => Focus On Managing Your Business!

If you would like a FREE scan to see how your business listing is showing – RIGHT NOW – in those 50 directories listed above Click Here! If you receive ERRORS – NOT A PROBLEM – we will fix those errors for you!

As We Have Said Before Your Directory Is NOT One Of Those Typical Websites That Do Nothing – Go Nowhere – Produce No Results – Just Sits There Collecting Dust!

Yes… your directory will be powerful by producing multiple streams of income from..

  • Your business core
  • Affiliate programs
  • Enhanced listings & banner advertising

Your marketing campaigns will be kept up-to-date and active using…

  • SEO
  • Social Networking
  • Blogs
  • Internal Listings
  • Google Adwords
  • CPA
  • Top Directory Listings (optional)
  • And more

If you can afford a minimum of $300 per month for management and marketing contact us by Clicking Here and send us your contact info and details of your business. We will take a look at your business model to see if it would be a perfect fit for this directory marketing platform.

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