Review On Golf Carts On The Roadway

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Golf carts are the popular vehicle seen on the golf course commonly. You will not find a single person there without a golf cart. They are designed to relieve the burden of golfers to carry their golfing equipment all across the holes. Golfers can also relax in these vehicles whenever they wish to take a break.

The popularity of golf carts have increased extensively that today they are being used outside the course too. They are the common sight that helps to give a ride to people with their heavy luggage to the airport, hospital, retirement communities etc. Some people purchase the cart with the first intention of using them for their personal needs rather than in the golf course. But such people should be aware that the use of golf carts is not permissible in certain localities where the law says so. Since these vehicles do not come with a license plate to be driven on the road, you have to acquire the permission of the concerned department or authority to use them outside the course as well. The age, safety features and the permission of the state transport authority is highly required to be followed to drive a golf cart freely in any locality.

Even though they run slowly, speed is a major factor for the use of golf carts on the road. They should run with about 25 mph speed limit to become qualified for the use in the roads. This will help in offering safety during their drive in the road. If you want to drive your cart in the city of Ohio, then you should follow the traffic laws efficiently. You have to abide by the Ohio state law so that the cart should be driven according to the standard laws permissible by the law. It is compulsory for the cart drivers to have a valid driver’s license and they should also keep the proof of the insurance. In order to ensure safety of the drivers and pedestrians, you should accessorize your cart with all the important safety equipments if it lacks them. Along with rear view mirrors and windshields, your carts should also be provided with seat belts, light brakes, turn signals, red reflector etc to ensure utmost safety on the road.


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